Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup

I've been watching some of the World Cup because I figure the rest of the world is soccer crazy, so I should check it out. It occurred to me why America in general doesn't like soccer. It's because the clock never stops. America likes games which take a while because the clock is always being stopped, basketball and especially football. For the viewer, there's no time to go get another drink or more food or go to the restroom. If you did, you might miss the one goal of the game. And for the TV networks, they can't show commercials, which is how they make money.

I was kind of disappointed that Germany didn't make the finals. That's because I saw it coming down to this. Germany versus France. During the first few minutes of the game Germany would score. Then France would all but surrender. However, during the second half the United States team would come from no where and save the French. After all, history repeats itself.

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