Thursday, July 13, 2006

Homeland Security

I was watching NBC Nightly News, and they say that since the train bombing in India security has been stepped up here in the United States at train and subway stations. I really don't see the point of that security increase. (not even taking into consideration that it probably wasn't an al-Qaida attack but a local cell) The terrorists must know that after a terrorist attack security is raised for a while, and aren't going to plan a second terrorist attack a little while after one attact. No, if they're going to attack I would think they would attack simultaneously, like on September 11 or the London bombings. Overall we're probably safer after a terrorist attack. Take September 11, all civilian airplanes were grounded for days afterward. (I'm not saying the planes shouldn't have been grounded.) Now I would doubt al-Qaida would have planned another hijacking for September 12. Even if planes were flying passengers wouldn't let another hijacking occur. (Perhaps I overestimate the intelligence of terrorists since terrorism is irrational to begin with.) We improved aviation security neglecting that of trains, which are far more vulnerable. We're always fighting our last battles.

Another story was that Homeland Security had on its list of possible terrorist targets a petting zoo, donut shop, etc. You got to be kidding me. Every place is a possible terrorist target, but we can't physically protect every location all the time, its impossible. There is always going to be risks. We have to prioritize and apparently Homeland Security is having some trouble doing that.

Ultimately we have to face the fact that we're fragile, mortal beings and any day we could die (no matter how much we spend on Homeland Security) and someday we will die. Whether it be from a terrorist attack or car accident tomorrow, or dieing in our sleep 50 years from now, we have to be ready for our eventual death. However, we don't have to live in a perpetual fear of death, as long as things are made right with our creator, God, by repenting of our sins and believing in Jesus as our Lord and savior. Then we can look forward to the time when we are called home to God.

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