Sunday, February 17, 2008

Presidents' Day: A Day Long Forgotten

What ever happen to Presidents' Day? We use to celebrate Washington and Lincoln's birthday on different days. And rightly so, as they are both worthy of our rembrance for their great courage to found and hold together these United States of America. We have since rolled the day of celebrating them along with the other 40 Presidents of the United States into one day. Now that day we no longer get off, we no longer celebrate. It has become an excuse for used car dealer sales. Disgraceful. The men who stood up to tyranny and founded a nation, who united a nation, who held it together, who stood up to those who wished to dominate the world, who put themselves under the microscope that is the Presidency, and who willingly handed over their power even to their political opposition where in other states a coup d'etat would have had to take place deserve more. Not only do they deserve that people honor them by setting aside a day of work, they each deserve their own day. If anything, we should get every President's birthday off. These men not only gave of their lives, three of them gave their lives. And to think we can't even afford one day to truly honor them.


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