Monday, August 14, 2006

Faith Nights?

While I was watching the news last week there was a story about "faith nights" at baseball games. (Click on post title for story.) Apparently these are on the rise. They are even found at the Major League level. Now, its perfectly fine for Christian individuals, families, friends, small groups, even whole churches to go to baseball games. It's a good opportunity for fellowship. But I'm not sure about the baseball park having faith nights.

Someone interviewed said "Events like this are the perfect opportunity to show people, 'Hey, we don't all stand on the corner and wave a Bible and say if you don't come to Jesus, you're going to hell." We don't do that because its not effective, but anyways. Now there is a tendency towards Christian sub-culture among Christians. Christian music, T-shirts, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with listening to Christian music, but following Christ is not superficial. Following Christ isn't about listening to certain music, wearing certain t-shirts, or going to faith nights at baseball games. Christians don't need to send the message we're just like you. They don't need to send the message that Christianity is just some subculture with music, etc. Nor should they stand on street corners telling people they're going to hell. They should send the message that their lives are different, in a good way, but indeed different.

As far as evangelism goes, I'm not really sure how faith nights are going to help. If you're not Christian, and maybe even if you are, there's nothing to draw you there. Actually, I take that back. Some people might be attracted by shorter lines for beer. But besides that, nothing. If they're not Christian, why would they be attracted by Christian music or even Christian mascots. (In case you're wondering, the story showed Veggie Tale characters.) So if nonbelievers don't come, you can't very well witness to them. So I don't see the need for faith nights.


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