Friday, August 11, 2006

Give me convenience or give me death

I can understand banning taking liquids past security checkpoints at airports, as explosives could be hidden in them. We are at war after all. Who really needs shampoo while flying? But, I don't understand why overpriced beverages and other liquids bought after the security checkpoint can't be brought on the plane. If explosives can be obtained from stores past checkpoints, then the security we have had since 9/11 is a sham.

What happen to my constitutional right to carry on Starbucks? But seriously, I wear contacts, and on long flights I need the contact solution, water doesn't cut it. Couldn't I carry that on if I taste it or put it in my eyes? I guess I'm going to have to start flying wearing glasses, until those are banned as well. I ahve to admit I'm abit confused. Is the reason for not allowing beverages, etc., bought past checkpoints that explosives can be made using common liquids bought from terminal stores? In which case wouldn't we need to close terminal shops and restaurants as well. Airlines should start offering complementary toothpaste and contact solution on flights, at least on long flights.

See my last post for how we can obtain the highest amount of aviation security possible. Nobody will want to fly, but we'll be secure, and that's what matters after all. Short of my plan, terrorist attacks will always be reasonably possible on airplanes.

We can never be totally secure. Life is full of risks. You could dye any day, any time. That's why I'd rather keep some freedom and convenience at a perhaps slightly higher risk of being killed than trade it for a false sense of security.


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