Monday, May 21, 2007

In the Political World, Primary Cutters Should Not Be Tolerated

Today, the Governor Crist of Florida signed a bill to move Florida's 2008 Presidential primary up to January 28. This puts Florida only behind the Iowa and Nevada Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary, and on the same day as South Carolina's Democratic Primary. This follows California moving up its primary, which was in turn followed by New York and New Jersey and others moving their primaries' up. This latest move by Florida will give it more say over who will get the Democratic and Republican Parties' Nominations for 2008.

Now I live in Kentucky, who doesn't have their primary until May 2008. I'm getting tired of Kentucky always being passed by in the Presidential primaries, as I'm sure other citizens of my state and other states with late primaries. My vote does not matter in the Presidential primary, the race is already determined by then.

Kentucky should move their Presidential primary up to before the Iowa Caucus, putting us in the lead. If we do that, instead of the candidates pandering to Iowans to make ethanol out of corn, they will be pandering to Kentuckians to run cars off of tobacco and use clean coal. (which I'm not a big fan of but I'm a Kentuckian and I'm suppose to support coal) Think of the great benefits of running a car off of tobacco, once we start we won't be able to get enough. We will break our addiction of foreign oil with an addiction to tobacco. Might I point out tobacco, unlike corn, is green, making it better for the environment.

But back to Florida. The Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee are threatening to take up to half of Florida's delegates away for their treacherous move. We cannot tolerate a state trying to get more say in the Presidential election. After all, from time immemorial New Hampshire and Iowa have had that privileged, God given position and it is a political trespass to even think of taking that away. If we tolerate Florida's move, we will soon have states continuously outdoing one another, until we're deciding the Presidential nominees for 2050 in 2009. I fear that the DNC and RNC may be too late, already having let New York and New Jersey slip by. I call for the DNC and the RNC to do more, strip Florida entirely of all its delegates. And to make atonement for their sin, they should have to move their primary to the end of the line just to keep the delegates they have now. Cutting is not tolerable. If you're going to cut you have to ask everyone in front of you if they don't mind.

If only there was a way that we could be fair and give everyone an equal vote. If only it was logistically possible to hold some sort of vote in all 50 states on the same day. But that's just ridiculous. We have a hard enough time holding an election for President on the same day across the United States. To risk our all-important primaries in that logistical nightmare would be insane and irresponsible. The results are too important for fairness. In fact, if anything we should move our Presidential election in each state to different days to avoid such a situation. And we'll put Florida upfront so to give it more time to count and recount all its votes.


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