Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Terror Plot Foiled, So Whats Next?

Yesterday in London two car bombings were stopped. Then today an attempted attack on Glasgow's airport in Scotland. The two cars loaded with gasoline, compressed gas, and roofing were caught because of escaping smoke in one case and the smell of gasoline in another. And then this afternoon an SUV tried to crash into the terminal and burst into flames. Thankfully only one person was injured. So what is the next security step we're going to see in response to this?

I don't think there is an effective one. About 11 months ago a terror plot was uncovered to blow up planes using liquid explosives smuggled past security, and so liquids were banned on planes. But what can be done to protect against today's attacks? Close roads outside airport terminals or search cars? Yes, but this doesn't address the situation. Two of the attempted attacks didn't involve air travel. The two cars were parked on the street, one outside a night club. We can turn airports into impenetrable fortresses, but any populated location where cars have access to could be easily targeted.

To be fair to the United States government, they have not overreacted with lots of useless protective measures. We have not gone to Red Alert. Perhaps they have realized it wouldn't do any good. But if these plots cross the Atlantic and start happening in the United States, we will be in trouble. Its not that they'll have to attack lots of locations, a couple of car bombings and the fear will do the rest and send our economy downward. 9/11 stopped people from spending money on plane tickets, car bombings would stop people from spending money out.

I'm going to stop here and save my regular faithful readers my typical 10 page diatribe against trying to achieve a complete sense of security, as none is possible, that arises every time something like this occurs. (Feel free to click on the subjects below to see these old posts.)

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